Modern wood nativity scene Stella

The brand new typical South Tyrolean style modern wood craft nativity scene STELLA crib, which is carved by our experienced DOLFI wood sculptors, has the comet star "STELLA" as a symbol on the crib stable, after which it is named. The execution of these nativity figures can be carved in wood and hand-painted or purchased unpainted in natural maple wood.

The three kings who compose this crib are wonderfully reflected in the holy 3 wise man Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the learned men of the east who, under the guidance of the mysterious light, set out to reach Bethlehem and that to revere the baby Jesus, the Son of God, that created the stars of the universe and the humanity.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items
The carvers and painters of this Stella wood crib have skillfully portrayed the three wise men from the Orient as humble, almost living worshipers in a modern style.

The Holy Family like Mary, the baby Jesus with the cradle and Joseph from Nazareth, the ox and the donkey, are joined by other characters, such as the shepherd with the lamb in his arms, a simple but very important gift, the woman with the jugs as water carrier, like the Shepherd who walked many days to find the baby Jesus.
Several sheep and lambs accompany this wooden carved figure and crib collection and there is also the very beautiful naive but very expressive glory angel in the carving. Part of the bestseller are also carved nativity figures such as wooden animals like the camel, the dromedary, the elephant and the horses in different colors.

The Holy Family of these special Stella nativity figures, gives a strong emotion for the linear and modern simplicity of their forms and for their spirituality that ignites the hearts of all mankind.
If you visit our website or our DOLFI retail stores, you will find the Stella design and Christmas crib with lighting in various sizes, from small miniatures to various large sizes that meet all the needs of buyers. The sizes of this nativity carved figures are: 3 inch - 4 inch – 5 inch and 6 inches.
Important is the stylized, linear and modern carved maple wood and oil-painted crib stable, which as a feature bears the important symbol from Bethlehem, the comet star, which awakens emotions with its light on the top of the roof.
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