Wooden bird houses

Dolfi offers a beautiful collection of birdhouses made of river wood. The houses are made of pieces of wood of different sizes, which are fixed with nails. It is a wooden house, very rustic and simple, but it is a safe and quiet shelter for our little friends like sparrows, robins, blackbirds and all little birds. There are different shapes from the classic rectangular birdhouse to the special type "Trullo" with sloping roof. They all have an entrance hole so that the bird can enter and safely lay its eggs. They not only provide shelter for the birds in winter, but are also very decorative and easy to hang, as they are also very light in weight. The best time to put a wooden bird house in the garden or hang it on a tree is March-April or early spring, when birds start nesting. DOLFI wooden bird houses should be placed at least 2 meters above the ground to prevent the various hazards and in a place protected from wind and rain. These wooden DOLFI birdhouses and feeders and unique wooden bird houses for sale are handmade are not only functional and useful for small birds, but also an original decoration for your garden.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Spring begins with the awakening of nature, with the blossoming of fragrant colors and the delightful song of birds, which make us dream already in the morning.
With our Dolfi birdhouses we thought to give a new touch to your house, terrace and garden.
The birdhouses are all made of fir, beech, natural wood, have a round opening and are suitable as a nesting box for birds. Other wooden birdhouses are larger and have a feeder.

The best time to put a birdhouse is in spring, when the nesting season begins. The birdhouse should be placed in a quiet place, away from street noise and 2 - 3 meters above the ground to be protected from other animals. The ideal place for the bird house is on the balcony, on the terrace or if you have a garden, place it directly against the tree.

The Dolfi birdhouses make a great gift or if you have craft skills, you can make the DIY birdhouse yourself. Since it is made of natural wood, you can stain or decorate it and it will become a unique and original bird house.
You can attract numerous species of birds such as robins, sparrows, tits and many others.
Be surprised by the high quality and attractive price of our products. Environmentally friendly Dolfi nest boxes will happily appeal not only birds, but also adults and children.