Wreaths and Garlands Decorations

DOLFI decorative wreaths and flower garlands are made primarily from wood chips and pine cones of various sizes.
Spring flowers such as daisies, roses, tulips, cherry blossoms, daffodils, violets, primroses, camellias, jasmine and leaves from various fall colors such as red, orange and yellow to the bright colors of spring and summer such as purple, pink, green and fuchsia are created from the wood shavings.
The composition of wooden flowers of various colors with the wooden leaves and colored pine cones make the wreaths DOLFI unique and original.
The peculiarity of a summer wreath and Christmas wreath for the wooden door is that it does not spoil with time and always remains beautiful.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items
Every year there are important holidays such as Christmas and Easter and DOLFI offers various collections of wreaths as the autumn collection with natural wreaths created with small pine cones, dried mushrooms, dried berries and dried branches from our forests of South Tyrol.
The winter collection offers a wide choice of decorated best Christmas wreaths and garlands, round Christmas wreaths to hang on the front door or rectangular or square Christmas centerpieces for the table and Christmas wreaths to hang on the front door. Made with natural objects such as dried berries, dried flowers, dried fruit, wooden stars, red wooden stars, gold and silver colored pine cones, holly with red berries and green branches of white fir.

Christmas wreaths are also used to embellish and lavishly set the table for Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner by placing a beautiful red candle in the center of the Christmas wreath.
The collection of spring wreaths or Easter wreaths are mainly dedicated to the festival of Easter and are created using decorated Easter eggs, wooden Easter bunnies, bird feathers, wooden Easter doves, straw nests and dried branches.
The DIY wreaths of DOLFI can be purchased online or at our DOLFI shop sites in Padua, Portogruaro, Bergamo Alta, Arese at the shopping center Il Centro, at Brenner Outlet Brenner and the DOLFI SHOPS in Ortisei in Val Gardena.