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Collectible animals collectible wood carving collection:
DOLFI wooden animals figurines home decor are true masterpieces that enrich your collection.
Everywhere you can find the statuettes of animals in resin, plastic and porcelain but not always are the statues of wooden animals to decorate and this is where the
DOLFI creates a wide assortment as the animals of the forest in wood, wooden animals for cribs and farm animals in wood. The animals come in various sizes from 2 inches to 2 meters and more.
In fact, upon request we realize life-size animals such as deer, bears, dogs, cats, lions or any animal you want. DOLFI sculptors hand carve a beautiful sculptures from a simple photograph. Contact us and we will send you our best quotation.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items

Often to decorate the house we use photos, paintings and various accessories but to give a more fun and fancy, decorate your home with wooden animals.
The collectible wood carving collection includes the most common animals and known to us all as cats, horses, cows, dogs, pigs, sheep, and many others.
Nice is the wood carved reindeer from 3 inches to 9 inches and you can create families of animals of various sizes. Many collectors around the world love to collect hand made wooden animals not only to enrich their wooden nativity scene but also to expand their collection.
The carved wood animals for the woodcarving cribs are true works of art in fact all the wood figurines are hand painted one by one and therefore are unique collector's pieces.

Beautiful are our wooden fawns and wood carving deer hand carved in lime wood also suitable for setting up the windows of your store or for an exhibition or a special event, perfect for your home decoration.
Collectible wood carving animals have always been very popular since ancient times by men and today we really have the opportunity to collect any type of sculpture depicting animals.
We inform you that at you can find our wood carving collections at our the Dolfi Store in Arese by Milan at the shopping center Il Centro clos to Milan, Dolfi Shop Padua in front of the Shrine and Basilica of St. Anthony, Dolfi Shop Portogruaro at the shopping center Adriatico2, Dolfi Shop and Outlet at the Brenner-Outlet, the Dolfi Shop in Ortisei downtown, the headquarters Dolfi In Castelrotto in Digon street 26 and of course online our website.