Wooden Santa Claus Sculptures

Dolfi's collection of maple wood Santas is designed to beautify and infuse a Christmas spirit into our homes.
The wooden Santa Claus are finely carved in every detail and hand-painted with oil paints.
The Christmas Santas Dolfi reflect the tradition and culture Dolfi in the creation of wood carvings. On our online site you can find many versions of wooden Santas in the world.
The wooden Babysanta can be thought of as an ornament to beautify the living room, give Christmas atmosphere in the kitchen, embellish and brighten the children's room with cuddly and traditional wooden Santas.
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
The Santa Claus is an imaginary character who is often represented with a red jacket and white pants with a thick white beard that at Christmas brings joy, gifts and presents to children around the world.
The figure of the Holy Father was born from a true story of a bishop named Nicholas, who lived in the 4th century in Myra in Turkey and is venerated as a Saint by the Catholic Church for all his good deeds.
The statue of St. Nicholas is depicted with the gospel book in his hand and three golden balls. The three gold balls represent three bags of coins that Saint Nicholas gave to three girls who were forced into prostitution to pay off their father's debts.
He is honored as the saint who cares for all children. St. Nicholas' name day is December 6 and on this date, in many parts of the world especially in Northern Europe as well as in Russia he is honored and brings special gifts for children.
In the United States the feast of the patron saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 24, the Christmas holiday.