Handmade wooden Christmas decorations ideas

Dolfi Christmas decorations are made with ecological and sustainable wooden materials, limiting the environmental impact and integrating into the surrounding nature. Precious woods such as maple, pine, walnut, laser engraving, combined with Swarovski crystals, create original Xmas Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree and your home in a special way, according to the latest fashion trends.
If you are looking for a personalized gift, for yourself or a loved one, Dolfi will meet all your needs. Each home décor is designed to surprise your friends or family.
In our online store you will find wood carved angels to hang as decorations, wood Christmas balls for your Christmas tree, crystal bells for the table, wood laser made decorations with Swarovski stones to hang on the ceiling.
But our promotional holiday giveaways do not end here, if you are curious, take a look at all our seasonal crafts in the section, Giftware for Christmas, which we offer.
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  • Laser cut ornament...
    The most intimate and popular celebration of the year is Christmas, a time of joy and tradition.
    Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most widespread traditions in the world and has its roots in the Celtic culture.
    For the ancient Celts, the fir tree was considered a symbol of long life because it remained evergreen even in winter.

  • Laser cut wooden...
    The collection of Christmas decorations made of wood was created by DOLFI to beautify and make warm and even more welcoming your home. Each Christmas decoration has been carefully designed in the design studios of Dolfi based in Ortisei in Valgardena in the heart of the Dolomites in the beautiful region of Trentino Alto Adige.
    We boast a local craftsmanship, then a made in Italy known throughout the world for the beauty and quality of Italian products.
    The wooden Christmas accessories are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the windows, your kitchen, the table for Christmas Eve or Christmas lunch, to decorate a store window, a staircase turn a door of the house or any corner to give that touch of Christmas magic that is so loved not only by children but also especially by us adults.
  • Decor and wood balls...
    Dolfi, a leading manufacturer of wooden Christmas and gift items, will let you discover the wooden Christmas ideas in all its varieties.
    Our wooden Christmas decoration and ideas and wood carved Christmas baubles and Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree, from South Tyrol, which are unique in the world, are carved wooden Christmas globes that show the Nativity scene carved in wood, on 360 degrees, enriched with wooden adornments such as wooden Christmas stars, the wooden balls with the Christmas landscape of reindeer or deer, reminiscent of the tradition and culture of the Nordic countries and of the same Val Gardena, known all over the world for the wood carving Christmas ornaments carved in wood.
  • Crystal Bells with...
    Our crystal bells with wooden figure have been designed and built by our design studio.
    Are authentic collectibles, suitable for all lovers of Italian gifts, made with taste and class.

    Customized with a phrase engraved and combined with a beautiful gift card, our Crystal glass Bells with wood carving sculptures are an exclusive gift for weddings or Christmas.
    The specialty of this DOLFI idea is the unique fusion of Italian style with the noble tradition of wood in South Tirol.
  • Swarovski laser cut...
    The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree, as well as assembling the nativity scene, is one of the most appreciated and loved around the world.
    The Dolfi company has its roots in the tradition of woodcarving and in a land rich in beauty and great wood culture: the Val Gardena.
    Out of love for nature and its natural elements and materials, our company has created the laser cut wooden decorations with Swarovski crystals, features that give a unique identity to each creation of wooden Christmas ornaments.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 461 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 461 items
The New Dolfi Christmas Home Décor Collection is an exclusive wood carved line for all people who want to have something special in their home to show to their friends.
This wood carving Christmas Tree Decoration can be put indoor or is often used for Outdoor Christmas Decoration.
This Dolfi online Christmas decoration shop will give you many Christmas Decoration and Decorating Idea and Ideas such as Christmas Door Decorations, Christmas Table Decorations, Christmas tree decorating, Cheap Christmas decorations, Christmas home decorations, Christmas tree décor, vintage Christmas decorations, Christmas décor, homemade Christmas decorations.

Don’t miss our Christmas decoration wholesale offer that our worldwide customers can buy today online. Christmas decorations online and Christmas decorations on sale, buy now! The unique hand carved Christmas decorations and wooden Christmas decorations are the house decorations that every family would have for Christmas.
With the different lines you can create personalized homemade Christmas decoration and vintage Christmas decoration as well as reindeer Christmas decoration or Victorian Christmas decoration.
The Dolfi history of Christmas decoration crafts started with large Christmas decorations and Christmas decoration pictures for the German Christmas decoration market where may companies are producing glass Christmas decoration.

The Dolfi wood carved old fashioned Christmas decorations are selling all over the world because more and more people are looking for unusual Christmas woodcarving decorations. Dolfi dealers in the United States that carry American Christmas decoration appreciate more and more the European style of home decor for Christmas.
The technique of the wood carved 3d Christmas decoration came from Matteo Comploi, the Vice President of the Dolfi Group, many years ago.
The Dolfi beautiful Christmas decor is now available online.