Catholic Female Saint Statues in wood

Dolfi offers a large selection of wooden figures and religious statues of wooden sculptures that represent the Holy Saint Women, and they are made from different types of wood such as Maple wood, linden wood, olive wood, ash wood, pine wood and decorative wood. These woods come from the forests of Trentino South Tyrol in Italy.
This collection of sculptures shows the blessed and holy merciful women dedicated to our holy Lord and God. Our protectors, those who have written the history of our Christian Catholic religion, are each characterized by an extraordinary work of charity and miracle. The religious Dolfi wooden sculptures are pre-carved and then carved and hand-made by our experienced sculptors and artists. Our Master carvers hand carve the surfaces of the sculptures, smooth the surfaces, after they are hand-painted by our experienced painters using brushes and oil or water colors.
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Showing 97 - 108 of 110 items
The collection of our holy women, which were also carved from the best high-quality woods and selected from the forests of Val Gardena, includes the following dimensions:
The sizes of these blessed woman carved wood carvings include at least 2-inch-high holy women figures and sit with the 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18 inch, 20- and 22-inch, cont. While the statues and sculptures are made of linden wood, the sizes measure from 24-inch 26-inch, 28-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch, 34-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, 44-inch, 46-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch, 52-inch, 54-inch, 56-inch, 58 inch and 60 inch or 6 - 8- 10 food inch and infinite in height, and are handmade by our specialist sculptors.
We also manufacture on request and on behalf of our customers;

We realize according to customer needs: these statues, which are ordered on request and on commission, often have a working time of at least three weeks for work in 12inch and 16inch, until several months for life-size statues that reach 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot 10 foot and beyond. Any size and any 3D-project on customer request can be carried out on customer needs.

The special beauty of these statues is their blissful and gentle expression, which can give emotions to those who watch them. The wood can be modeled and the clothes seem to float in the wind. They are not static statues, but they live because wood is a living and natural material and adapts to the place where it is exposed to the outside temperature due to UV rays and outdoor color.
To own a wooden sculpture of a wood carved Holy Woman of the highest artistic quality is surely a gift of love full of meaning, suitable for places of pilgrimage, churches, dioceses, cemeteries, shrines, public buildings, private houses, courtyards and gardens.
DOLFI presents a wide range of the most famous saints and blessed women: Saint Therese of Lisieux with the roses, Saint Irmgard with the crown, Saint Apolonia, her attribute is a pair of pliers holding a tooth, she is the protector of the dentists. Saint Ottilia, Saint Odilia (also called Odilie, Odile or Ottilie, also called Saint of Hohenbourg, her attribute is a book with two eyes. Saint Ursula is shown with an arrow. Saint Agnes has a lamb on her book as attribute.

Saint Anna is depicted with her daughter next to her, Saint Margareth also called Margaretha, Margarethe, Margarete, her attribute is a cross or a dragon at her feet, Saint Elisabeth with her jug, Saint Catherine or Caterine with a cogwheel , Saint Dorothea or Dorotea with basket of flowers and fruits, Saint Veronica or Veronika with cloth and picture of Christ, Saint Hedwig or Hedeige with book and church, Saint Magdalena with ointment ampoule, Saint Cecilia Cecily, her attribute is an organ, Saint Barbara with tower and three Windows, Saint Christina, Cristine or Kristine with book and palm tree, Saint Juliane with chain and devil, Saint Rita with crucifix, Saint Theresa or Terese or Teresa with cross and roses , Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Saint Clare with book and chalice.
Can't find your personalized Holy carved wood Sculpture in your city?

Email us to with a photo and the required size and a brief description of your needs. We will then produce the wood carving for you. The characteristic of every woodcarving of saint figure is that each carving is represented with a different attribute that distinguishes and personalizes it.
Click on the link below, Figure of the Holy Women, to find your saint or patron saint, who is lovingly carved with the color and design and type of wood of your choice.