Catholic Male Patron Saints Statues in wood

Hand carved wooden figures and sculptures
Val Gardena in South Tyrol is famous for its precious wooden figures and for its centuries-old tradition of wood carvers.
Devoted to this profession for generations, we at DOLFI still offer excellent wooden statues of the highest quality.
We make figures of Saints Male famous all over the world from Padre Pio to Saint Francis of Assisi, from Saint Anthony to Saint Joseph and all the known saints of our Bible. International Saints such as Saint Jacob of Compostela, Medina Caeli, Saint Benedict.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 305 items
To enrich the collection of statues there are the figures of Saints Female also known all over the world for their grace and devotion to God, we remember the famous Saint Rita, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Clare, and all the Saints and Patrons which are distinguished by their attribute as Saint Anna who is depicted with the book and a girl, or as St. Catherine of Siena with the wheel or as Elizabeth of Hungary with the jug of water or St. Barbara protector of the seas depicted with the lighthouse.
All these renowned wood carved figures are part of the collection of the woodcarving statues of Saints of the DOLFI who, despite decades have passed, we still remember them, venerate and love them today.

The DOLFI statues show the high-quality wooden statues of Saints in great detail both in the expression of the face and in the posture.
The clothes are so finely sculpted that they seem to float in the wind, this extraordinary ability of our sculptors to give movement to a wooden statue, the human expression so much that it makes you want to talk to them and adore them.
In our assortment of wood carved Figurines, you will find a wide choice from hundreds of wooden saints and if you do not find the saint you are looking for, DOLFI will realize it in a few weeks on your personal exclusive commission, fulfilling your personal request.

Our skilled Italian wood carvers from Val Gardena are able to create your wood carved saint statue from a simple photo or image of a painting and in a short time you will have your personal statue carved by hand in wood directly from Val Gardena to your home.
A work of art that does not lose value over time but acquires some.
Regardless of what you opt for, we will use only European alpine wood painted by hand with non-toxic oil colors from the German brand Lukas.
The larger models are mainly carved in linden wood or bass wood and pine wood, for smaller religious figures we use maple, ash or acacia wood. Shop wood carvings online now!