Flying Angels wood carved

In both ancient and modern art, angels are depicted in paintings, pictures, statues and sculptures, but not all angels look alike. Angels are distinguished among the various angelic hosts according to their proximity to God. There are the seraphim angels, who are immediately around God and sing praises to the Lord. Then we find the cherubim, who have the ability to translate the Word of God into concepts.

The angels are in heaven, that is, they are with God. But since God is everywhere, the angels are also everywhere and accompany us every moment of our lives. They recommend positive thoughts for us to do good and avoid evil.
Angels are depicted on how many works of art and ancient statues. In ancient traditions, the angel was also carried in a procession. Often angels are depicted as playing.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items
Dolfi has passed on the many years of experience in sculpture, creating and depicting handmade angels as real musicians of divine symphonies, accompanied by musical instruments, such as wood carved angels with wooden flutes, wooden angels with violins, angels with harps, putti with lyres, guardian angels carved in wood with the boy or girl, angels with mandolins and many other handmade angels from Val Gardena.

All these angels carved in wood, represented by sweet faces, cheer and decorate our homes. The centuries of woodcarving tradition in Trentino Alto Adige have ensured that they are hand-carved from precious woods such as maple, painted with oil paints and finished with gold leaf.

Each wooden angel is individually packaged with great care so that it arrives directly to your home in perfect condition, as a personal protector or as a gift idea for a special occasion.

On our DOLFI online site you will find a complete selection of wooden figurines collection of wooden angels handcrafted in Val Gardena and certainly the angel at the sight of which you will understand that it belongs to you or is the right gift for a loved one.