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Prayer is a dialogue that takes place between God and man; introducing our children to a life of prayer is undoubtedly the greatest gift a parent, grandparent, or grandmother can teach how to communicate with the Creator.
Prayers recited by children are typically short, rhyming or with a memorable melody. Evening prayer is usually said before bedtime, to give thanks for a good day.
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The morning prayer is said at the light of dawn to trust in a new day.
Many of these prayers are quotations from the Bible or traditional texts.

Often devotion to a saint is recited in the prayers, such as the prayer to St. Joseph, prayer to Our Lady, prayer to Padre Pio, prayer to St. Michael or the traditional Our Father prayer.
The prayer that every Christian child already knows in the early years of his childhood is that of the Guardian Angel because especially for the little ones we ask for special protection.
DOLFI has combined spirituality and beauty in the creation of a very innovative collection of wooden crosses with the prayer of the guardian angel hand-painted enriched with angels in maple wood in both natural and colored.
The delicate colors of pink and light blue can be an original and precious gift very appreciated in every bedroom.
With our history rich in emotions and traditions DOLFI offers a collection symbol of love and protection for children.
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