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In this category we have selected our candle holders as mood chandeliers made of pine wood with bark, branch wood chandeliers made of apple wood with carved motif and lasered windows with Christmas motifs from Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer to candles and the tree of life. The light emitted from the lanterns is warm and creates a very romantic atmosphere. There are also outdoor lanterns made of steel that can decorate your garden, yard or the front door of your house.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

A candlelight dinner to end the day nice and relaxed.Dolfi candlesticks spread soft and romantic light with their flame. Relax before a good meal and enjoy a romantic evening by DOLFI candlelight. The ideal mood chandelier for any occasion. Our wood carved chandeliers with teelight are very original, all made in Val Gardena, in Italy in pine wood, birch wood, apple wood and maple. Some have three windows, others only one, but the light they emit is always very impressive. They beautify your table and make your home inviting. Create decorative corners that give light, either outside in the garden, inside in the living room or at the entrance, because candles at the front door are a sign of welcome to your guests. With DOLFI real wood candle chandelier lighting, branch wood chandelier, we supply a fireproof base that will protect your home from unwanted fires. Drafts or wind also don't stand a chance when the candle's flame is protected by our tea light or lantern. Click on any wooden candlestick of our collection and scroll down the page, you will see all the models of our wooden candlesticks to choose the one you like best, also to make an original and ecological gift with it. Have fun shopping!