Bark wood Nativity scenes

For over 100 years our company Dolfi has been producing bark wood craft Nativity scenes, wooden nativity sets and cribs scenes of various types, sizes and executions. For the realization of these Christmas crib sets we use different types of bark such as pine, birch, oak. Before processing there is a delicate drying process that is done in our laboratories at DOLFILAND Art-Studios, to reduce the amount of humidity inside the wood. After drying, the skilled hands of our Italian wood carvers manually carve from the trunk Saint Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the ox, the donkey and the comet star.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items
The wood carved nativity scene is an ancient tradition that has its roots in Catholicism, a truth where God became man.
All over the world, during the Christmas period, the houses are decorated and embellished with traditional or modern cribs. Each country has its own traditions, its beliefs and its habits and the skilled craftsmen delight in creating, conceiving and creating nativity scenes typical of their country of origin.
This is how we present our beautiful and fascinating wooden nativity scenes in Val Gardena, made in Italy, a place known worldwide for woodworking since the 1800s. Equally famous are the Neapolitan cribs, the Piedmonts crib, the Catalan crib, the Peruvian crib, Oberammergau nativity sets and finally the numerous living handmade nativity scenes.
Next to our classic Christmas nativity sets, made up of statues and statuettes, animals and various accessories for nativity scenes, carved in wood and coloured by hand in different sizes and colours, we present a particular collection, or a gem born of creativity and great capacity of our artists to create and model a cave from a simple piece of wood with bark representing the carved wooden Holy Family with the various characters engraved in a log, untreated and completely natural wood of pine.
Hence the bark nativity scenes in various sizes with nice shapes such as tree or half-moon, which enrich the splendid collection of Tyrolean, nativities set for sale, ideas.
In some cribs the characters are removable and can be extracted and positioned at will. We could compare it to a wood carved 3D-puzzle, three-dimensional puzzle, suitable for children and for adults, who are fascinated by the characters of the crib and intensely live of this magical period by decorating the tree and the crib together with their parents, creating a magical atmosphere.
Christmas is the Christian and non-Christian holiday, the most important holiday of the year. There is no Christmas without a hand carved wooden nativity crib set, and we at Dolfi wanted to combine creativity, craftsmanship, simplicity, history and nature in small forms to embellish and decorate any environment, large or small gift of holy spirit 2020 it may be.