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  • Wooden Keychains,...
    A DOLFI wooden keychain is a gift idea that is very simple, smart and above all useful. In this collection, DOLFI has created the keychain with a steel carabiner that makes it easy to insert your house keys, car keys, keys for the office and work. The special thing about these key chains is that they are immediately found in your pocket, because the shape of an animal or a heart makes it easy to recognize the shape when you touch it. Especially popular is the heart-shaped key ring, the wooden key ring for women, which you can customize by engraving a phrase, a date or a simple, I love you. The engravings on key charms are done with a laser pen. Especially popular is the heart-shaped keychain, the keychain for women Dolfi, which you can customize by engraving a phrase, a date or a simple, I love you. The engravings on keychains are made with a laser pen and the writing is done legibly and very clean. We can make any custom engraving on our Dolfi wood keychain. We offer custom keychains with date, or wooden keychains with custom name and even keychains with custom logo and different types of wood. A very popular gift idea is the personalized keychain for men and the wooden keychain for good luck. The cheap gadget keychains are a great gift idea for your customers, also the gadget keychain for kids could be a nice idea to give for an important event. The original DOLFI wooden keychains can be purchased in all our Dolfi stores and on this website. By scrolling down our web pages, see all the models we offer. Choose the wooden keychain of your favorite animal or give to those who collect their favorite animals, such as the keychain of the cat, the keychain as a dog, the keychain as a heart, the keychain angel, the keychain bear, the keychain boat, the keychain angel, the keychain new house, the keychain car, the keychain Santa Claus, the keychain as nut, the keychain fish, the keychain bee, the keychain hen, the keychain ladybug, the keychain giraffe the keychain as owl, the fish and many other nice gift ideas. Have fun during shopping!
  • Doll Collection
    Dolfi is a true collectible Doll maker with the tradition of the made in Italy, in a small village called Val Gardena, Ortisei town, in the heart of the Dolomites Mountains of Italy. Dolfi wooden collectible dolls are objects that represents the face of a baby. Dolls have been around since the dawn of human civilization, and have been fashioned from a vast array of materials, ranging from stone, clay, wood, bone, cloth and paper, to porcelain, china, rubber and plastic.
    While dolls have traditionally been toys for children, wood carving dolls are also collected by adults, for their nostalgic value, beauty, historical importance or financial value. In ancient times, dolls were used as representations of a deity, and played a central role in religious ceremonies and rituals. Lifelike or anatomically correct dolls are used by health professionals, medical schools and social workers to train doctors and nurses in various health procedures or investigate cases of sexual abuse of children. Artists sometimes use jointed wooden mannequins in drawing the human figure. Action figures representing superheroes and their predecessors, action dolls, are particularly popular among boys. Baby dolls, paper dolls, talking dolls, fashion dolls - the list is almost endless. But the wood carved Dolfi Doll Collection is unique!

  • Decorative accessories...
    In this category you will really find the world DOLFI with its creativity, originality and unmistakable style of furniture and wooden accessories that will embellish your home and give warmth and attention to detail. Many useful utensils for the home and original gift ideas made of wood that smell of South Tyrol, the mountain region of wood, surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage. And this is where the DOLFI factory was born, in the heart of the Dolomites, between the forests of the Alpe di Siusi and the village of Ortisei, known throughout the world for its beauty and its wood sculptors, true artists whose works are known throughout the world. Genuine handicraft from Val Gardena, specialized in home decoration, can be found in all Dolfi Shops and of course in Dolfiland, the factory headquarters. We offer a wide range of objects, from the decorative collection made of pine bark to the brand new collection with objects made of stone pine wood, whose aroma is beneficial for our respiratory system.
    In this category you will find decorative home accessories, kitchen accessories, new home accessories, space-saving accessories, bathroom accessories, office accessories, all objects that are ecological and, besides being useful, are also style and design objects. The style DOLFI is not only alpine, but also very essential and modern to furnish any type of environment, from rustic to classic to Mediterranean style. DOLFI home accessories are very popular among all our customers and every year our designers create new wooden objects to satisfy all the tastes and demands of our loyal customers and to be at the forefront of the market not only in Europe but worldwide. In fact, our items are exported to 56 countries around the world, from the United States to Europe and Asian countries. Dolfi has no borders and its style is recognized and appreciated not only for the beauty but also for the high quality.
  • Chandeliers - Tee-light
    Candlesticks - Tealight - Lanterns - Mood candlesticks - Branch wood candlesticks In this category we have selected our candle holders as mood chandeliers made of pine wood with bark, branch wood chandeliers made of apple wood with carved motif and lasered windows with Christmas motifs from Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer to candles and the tree of life. The light emitted from the lanterns is warm and creates a very romantic atmosphere. There are also outdoor lanterns made of steel that can decorate your garden, yard or the front door of your house. A candlelight dinner to end the day nice and relaxed.Dolfi candlesticks spread soft and romantic light with their flame. Relax before a good meal and enjoy a romantic evening by DOLFI candlelight. The ideal mood chandelier for any occasion. Our wood carved chandeliers with teelight are very original, all made in Val Gardena, in Italy in pine wood, birch wood, apple wood and maple. Some have three windows, others only one, but the light they emit is always very impressive. They beautify your table and make your home inviting. Create decorative corners that give light, either outside in the garden, inside in the living room or at the entrance, because candles at the front door are a sign of welcome to your guests. With DOLFI branch wood chandelier, we supply a fireproof base that will protect your home from unwanted fires. Drafts or wind also don't stand a chance when the candle's flame is protected by our tea light or lantern. Click on any wooden candlestick of our collection and scroll down the page, you will see all the models of our wooden candlesticks to choose the one you like best, also to make an original and ecological gift with it. Have fun shopping!
  • Animals to decorate in...
    The new collectible wood carving Dolfi Animals Collection has been made for all collectors and people that loves animals around the world. This extraordinary detailed collectible wood carved art of animal series consists of the Dolfi wood carved Dog, the fine carved Cat, the wood carved Bird, the Rabbit, the carved Hen and the wooden carved peace dove.
    Curiosity: In real life most known animal phyla appeared in the fossil record as marine species about 542 million years ago.
    Collectible animals collectible wood carving collection:
    DOLFI wooden animal figures are true masterpieces that enrich your collection. Everywhere you can find the statuettes of animals in resin, plastic and porcelain but not always are the statues of wooden animals to decorate and this is where the DOLFI creates a wide assortment as the animals of the forest in wood, wooden animals for cribs and farm animals in wood. The animals come in various sizes from 2 inches to 2 meters and more. In fact, upon request we realize life-size animals such as deer, bears, dogs, cats, lions or any animal you want. DOLFI sculptors hand carve a beautiful sculptures from a simple photograph. Contact us and we will send you our best quotation.
    Often to decorate the house we use photos, paintings and various accessories but to give a more fun and fancy, decorate your home with wooden animals. The collectible wood carving collection includes the most common animals and known to us all as cats, horses, cows, dogs, pigs, sheep, and many others. Nice is the wood carved reindeer from 3 inches to 9 inches and you can create families of animals of various sizes. Many collectors around the world love to collect hand made wooden animals not only to enrich their wooden nativity scene but also to expand their collection. The carved wood animals for the woodcarving cribs are true works of art in fact all the wood figurines are hand painted one by one and therefore are unique collector's pieces.
    Beautiful are our wooden fawns and wood carving deer hand carved in lime wood also suitable for setting up the windows of your store or for an exhibition or a special event, perfect for your home decoration.
    Collectible wood carving animals have always been very popular since ancient times by men and today we really have the opportunity to collect any type of sculpture depicting animals. We inform you that at you can find our wood carving collections at our the Dolfi Store in Arese by Milan at the shopping center Il Centro clos to Milan, Dolfi Shop Padua in front of the Shrine and Basilica of St. Anthony, Dolfi Shop Portogruaro at the shopping center Adriatico2, Dolfi Shop and Outlet at the Brenner-Outlet, the Dolfi Shop in Ortisei downtown, the headquarters Dolfi In Castelrotto in Digon street 26 and of course online our website.
  • Angel from bark
    Wooden angel carved in bark wood:
    Each of us has a guardian angel who accompanies us during our earthly life, helping us in our daily difficulties and giving us strength and hope. According to Christian tradition, the angel shows us the way to God, keeps us away from temptations and evil, to lead us to eternal salvation in heaven. The angel is invoked with the prayer Angel of God. So the figure of the angel has a very deep meaning of protection, help and comfort. The words of the angels touch our soul and strengthen us in difficult times.
    The DOLFI bark wood angels Collection is made in our art workshops in Val Gardena, Ortisei in the famous region of South Tyrol, Italy. These cherubic angels are made from the logs of the South Tyrolean stone pine forests and first dried in drying plants up to 98% to remove the moisture from the logs. Then the mold is carved and the bark thus does not separate from the figure over time. A wide range of different models, from angels with butterfly wings made of wood to angels with wings made of noble rose iron and wrought iron, pointed wings, round wings and extended wings. You will find all sizes from the small angel of 7 cm and 9 cm packed in a jewelry box as a lucky angel, also ideal as wedding gifts for baptism, communion and confirmation to wedding gifts. Then follow the larger sizes of 12 cm, 18 cm, 24 cm 36 cm up to a measure of 40 cm.
    These wood sculpture angels or also called guardian angels are particularly beautiful as craftsmanship from the simple form suitable for decorating your home both in the mountains and by the sea. A lucky angel is a gift that comes with from the heart and is suitable for any occasion, from a birthday to an anniversary to a special event. You can choose the entire collection of DOLFI wooden guardian angels directly online!!!
  • Kitchen utensils made...
    Olive wood kitchen items:
    DOLFI presents a mini-collection of kitchen articles made of precious Italian genuine olive wood. As you will know, the olive wood is in fact not a wood that grows in South Tyrol; DOLFI procures the noble olive wood from Southern Italy and processes it in its own wood-carving factory in Ortisei in the DOLFILAND workshop. The peculiarity of olive wood products is that they are unique, because every single item has grains, characteristics and colors that are always different. Being a very hard wood, it is very suitable for the production of kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories, but not only. For some years now, DOLFI has also been making beautiful sculptures and wooden figures in olive wood, such as Madonnas, Holy Families and Block Nativities scenes, Holy figures of male and Holy wood carvings of female, which can be seen in the category of Sacred Art Statues, on our online store.
    In this olive wood carved Kitchen Accessories category, you will find useful items hand crafted for your home such as Olive Wood Bowls, Olive Wood Bowls, Olive Wood Ladles, Olive Wood Cutlery, Olive Wood Utensils, Olive Wood Door Grater, Olive Wood Pepper and Salt, Olive Wood Salt Shakers, Olive Wood Wine Opener Accessories, Olive Wood Spoons and Spatulas, Olive Wood Cheese Slicer, Olive Wood Spiral Spoons for Honey and Olive Wood Cutting Boards in various shapes and sizes. The olive wood utensils are of excellent high quality and are oiled to bring out the grain and color of the olive tree, which varies in different shades of brown and green. DOLFI is famous for design and functionality equip your kitchen with taste and quality. Buy now online your olive wood household product, of daily use, practical and genuine. Find all the necessary household items and accessories for your kitchen, to cook and furnish your home with taste. Beauty and functionality in a single object, made by the artisans of Val Gardena in Ortisei, Castelrotto on the Alpe di Siusi, Italy.
  • Bird House
    Birdhouses wood carved in Italy:
    Dolfi offers a beautiful collection of birdhouses made of river wood. The houses are made of pieces of wood of different sizes, which are fixed with nails. It is a wooden house, very rustic and simple, but it is a safe and quiet shelter for our little friends like sparrows, robins, blackbirds and all little birds. There are different shapes from the classic rectangular birdhouse to the special type "Trullo" with sloping roof. They all have an entrance hole so that the bird can enter and safely lay its eggs. They not only provide shelter for the birds in winter, but are also very decorative and easy to hang, as they are also very light in weight. The best time to put a wooden bird house in the garden or hang it on a tree is March-April or early spring, when birds start nesting. DOLFI wooden bird houses should be placed at least 2 meters above the ground to prevent the various hazards and in a place protected from wind and rain. These wooden birdhouses and feeders are not only functional and useful for small birds, but also an original decoration for your garden. You can order them directly online on this website or in any Dolfi store.
  • Kitchen accessories...
  • Chess Collection
    The Dolfi collectible chess set is different, we tell you way. The Dolfi wood carved figures gives to the chess pieces a special worm feeling and make a game with the Dolfi chess figures an authentic and unforgettable experience.
    Dolfi wood carved chess pieces vary in both value and abilities. A standard chess match consists of each player having the following equipment:
    •1 king
    •1 queen
    •2 rooks
    •2 bishops
    •2 knights
    •8 pawns
    One side is referred to as "white" and the other as "black". To distinguish between the two, the black pieces are darker than the white pieces. Visit the Dolfi wood carved Chess sets online store now!
  • Home fragrances,...
  • Magnets with Wooden...
  • Wooden Photo frames,...
  • Flower wreaths -...
  • Wood Flowers handmade
    Dolfi's new hand crafted wooden flowers bring the art of nature of the italian mountains to your home.
    Our artistry and craftsmanship capture the transient joy of spring, summer autumn and winter flowers permanently in beautiful handmade wood
    Whether for yourself or for a gift, these wooden flowers will bring a smile to whomever receives them.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 680 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 680 items
It is not always easy to find the right wooden gift for a loved one, a gift that gives pleasure and can accompany you in your everyday life. You can rely on our high quality and exclusive products, handmade in our art workshops in South Tyrol Italy in the beautiful Dolomite mountains of Val Gardena, world famous for the art of woodcarving.
For all occasions Dolfi offers wood carved original, ecological and special gift ideas and precious genuine handmade woodcarvings and wooden gift ideas..
The most important time of the year is Christmas and for this occasion Dolfi designs numerous Christmas collections, wooden nativity scenes and sculptures and wooden figurines to furnish and decorate your home, making it warm and welcoming. But Dolfi is not only Christmas, in our online shop you will find the right gift for every occasion, such as birthdays, Easter and Valentine's Day. Dolfi helps you to find a romantic, funny and original wood carved gift idea for the day of lovers. Many wooden gift ideas for her and him that will always remain in your heart, because a wooden object and gift idea made of wood is infinite and with time it gains in value.
Ideal wooden gifts for an anniversary, a wedding, a christening, a confirmation, a graduation; if you like to be amazed on these occasions and leave a pleasant and unpublished memory to the guests and friends of your ceremony, the Dolfi wood carving world is the right place for you. Also for the celebrations we dedicate each year to our parents, mum, dad, grandparents and friends; for Mother's Day, show your girlfriend or boyfriend how important and special she/he is to you, our Dolfi gift ideas for all occasions will give also your mother and grandmother many emotions, even superheroes should be pampered, especially on Father's Day we also give all fathers special emotions with original Dolfi lasting gifts made in Italy.
If you are looking for original wood carved gift ideas for corporate gifts and to surprise and thank your customers and employees, shop online now and you will find useful and above all customizable gift ideas that you can give away at any time of year with the best prices and quality on the market.
The Dolfi Italian wood sculptures will surprise you! Discover our individual wooden gifts such as elegant pens, beautiful wooden jewelry, funny wood carved toys, original and elegant wooden bracelets, wood carved clocks, wooden watches and wooden sun glasses and much more directly from our Online workshops in Val Gardena. Buy now and we deliver to the United States and the rest of the World within a few days and work with the couriers FedEx, UPS and DHL as well as a number of different freight forwarders.
Greetings, Have a great time shopping and greetings from the entire Dolfi Team