Handmade wood carved Gift ideas and Home Decor

Dolfi offers you a wide range of gift ideas and home decorations made of high quality wood, finely carved and hand painted, expertly finished. With our selection of decorations and gift ideas you can impress and give emotions on any occasion. The right idea for a special and original gift for her, for him or for the person you love the most. Works of art, decorative items, home accessories, small gadgets made of high quality wood, souvenirs made of wood, presents that make every moment of togetherness and festivity unique. Let's enjoy a small or large novelty with the taste of tradition, respecting nature and the passing of time!
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  • Laser cut ornament...
    The most intimate and popular celebration of the year is Christmas, a time of joy and tradition.
    Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most widespread traditions in the world and has its roots in the Celtic culture.
    For the ancient Celts, the fir tree was considered a symbol of long life because it remained evergreen even in winter.

  • Laser-cut wood...
    The collection of Christmas decorations made of wood was created by DOLFI to beautify and make warm and even more welcoming your home. Each Christmas decoration has been carefully designed in the design studios of Dolfi based in Ortisei in Valgardena in the heart of the Dolomites in the beautiful region of Trentino Alto Adige.
    We boast a local craftsmanship, then a made in Italy known throughout the world for the beauty and quality of Italian products.
    The wooden Christmas accessories are perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the windows, your kitchen, the table for Christmas Eve or Christmas lunch, to decorate a store window, a staircase turn a door of the house or any corner to give that touch of Christmas magic that is so loved not only by children but also especially by us adults.
  • Home Interior wood...

    In this category you will really find the world DOLFI with its creativity, originality and unmistakable style of furniture and wooden accessories that will embellish your home and give warmth and attention to detail.
    Many useful utensils for the home and original gift ideas made of wood that smell of South Tyrol, the mountain region of wood, surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
    And this is where the DOLFI factory was born, in the heart of the Dolomites, between the forests of the Alpe di Siusi and the village of Ortisei, known throughout the world for its beauty and its wood sculptors, true artists whose works are known throughout the world.

  • Wooden Christmas balls

    Dolfi, a leading manufacturer of wooden Christmas and gift items, will let you discover the wooden Christmas ideas in all its varieties.
    Our wooden Christmas decoration and ideas and wood carved Christmas baubles and Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree, from South Tyrol, which are unique in the world, are carved wooden Christmas globes that show the Nativity scene carved in wood, on 360 degrees, enriched with wooden adornments such as wooden Christmas stars, the wooden balls with the Christmas landscape of reindeer or deer, reminiscent of the tradition and culture of the Nordic countries and of the same Val Gardena, known all over the world for the wood carving Christmas ornaments carved in wood.

  • Handcrafted wooden Toys
    The company Dolfi in Val Gardena has revived the good traditions of the old wooden toys and games that our grandparents have played with.
    Our natural and ecological wooden toys are made according to the criteria of sustainability and are colored with non-toxic paints.

    The nature, lively wooden material, processed into round shapes with smooth surfaces, is especially suitable for children and supports sensory development.
    Wood toys products are popular as original gift ideas for young and old alike.
    You can find our fantastic wooden creations for children in our online shop offer of the Outlet category, Handcrafted wooden Toys and Organic wooden Baby Toys!!
  • Wood Tea Light Candle...

    Candlesticks - Tealight - Lanterns - Mood candlesticks - Branch wood candlesticks
    In this category we have selected our candle holders as mood chandeliers made of pine wood with bark, branch wood chandeliers made of apple wood with carved motif and lasered windows with Christmas motifs from Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer to candles and the tree of life. The light emitted from the lanterns is warm and creates a very romantic atmosphere. There are also outdoor lanterns made of steel that can decorate your garden, yard or the front door of your house.

  • Crystal Bells with...
    Our crystal bells with wooden figure have been designed and built by our design studio.
    Are authentic collectibles, suitable for all lovers of Italian gifts, made with taste and class.

    Customized with a phrase engraved and combined with a beautiful gift card, our Crystal glass Bells with wood carving sculptures are an exclusive gift for weddings or Christmas.
    The specialty of this DOLFI idea is the unique fusion of Italian style with the noble tradition of wood in South Tirol.
  • Wooden animals figurines

    Collectible animals collectible wood carving collection:
    DOLFI wooden animals figurines home decor are true masterpieces that enrich your collection.
    Everywhere you can find the statuettes of animals in resin, plastic and porcelain but not always are the statues of wooden animals to decorate and this is where the
    DOLFI creates a wide assortment as the animals of the forest in wood, wooden animals for cribs and farm animals in wood. The animals come in various sizes from 2 inches to 2 meters and more.
    In fact, upon request we realize life-size animals such as deer, bears, dogs, cats, lions or any animal you want. DOLFI sculptors hand carve a beautiful sculptures from a simple photograph. Contact us and we will send you our best quotation.

  • Kitchen accessories wood

    The DOLFI world of wood is also expanding in tools and kitchen utensils made of wood.
    The wood is widely used in the kitchen because it is practical to use and clean, and because it is a natural material that does not alter the ingredients of food.
    The romantic line of dark walnut wood with various heart-shaped inlays is complemented by wooden serving and saucers, bread containers of various sizes, square or round bowls, coasters, simple but versatile wooden cutting boards and candle holders that decorate and illuminate the table.

  • Keychain wooden Pencil...
    Gift items made of wood are very popular and sought after by both children and adults. Dolfi Wood carving company has dealt with these articles and created a series of wooden keychains, wooden bookmarks and wooden pencils, which depict the most popular animals and are sought after by both children and collectors. In addition to animals such as the cat, the dog, the teddy bear, the frog king, the snail, the cow, the sheep and many others, you will also find these cute motifs with the heart, with the car, the sailboat, the guardian angel, the oar, Santa Claus and many others. These items are all customizable and you can create very original wooden gifts with them. You especially like the pencil with the lucky beetle and you want to write a date in it? Or a name? Send us your idea and we will implement it!Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • Wood carved Animals...
    The company Dolfi, which operates as a wood carving in Val Gardena since 1892, has expanded its offer with an original collection of magnets from, suitable as furnishings especially for the kitchen and the children's room, giving character and beauty to any environment.
    DOLFI wooden magnets are also suitable for beautifying the refrigerator, the cabinet in the workshop or the magnet for the dressing room.

    Dolfi magnets are 4 cm high and made of hand-painted wood. They represent different animals, such as. the wooden magnet with cat lying or sitting, the wooden magnet with dog, the wooden magnet with snail, the wooden magnet with cow, the wooden magnet with sheep, the wooden carved magnet with horse, the carved magnet with owl, the wooden magnet with woodpecker, the wooden magnet of elephant, the wooden carved magnet with beetle, the carved magnet with butterfly, The magnet with wooden rabbit and many others.

    For the children's room we have created the magnet with the teddy and the wooden angel, as well as the wooden heart as a magnet and that gives the child so much tenderness and serenity.
    For the very special occasions we offer magnets personalized with your name, date of birth, fun also as gift ideas for wedding gifts.
    Magnets as wooden gadget beautiful and cheap find your favorite wooden magnet on our website online.
  • Essential oils with...
    Dolfi expands its collection by creating natural room scenters. The room perfumers with wooden sticks have become an essential accessory to give a personal touch to our home and our environments making them fragrant and welcoming.
    Among the many essences that we find in the herbalist's shops or by the herbalists Dolfi has chosen the most sought-after essences that combine ad hoc with the scent of wood creating an olfactory mood.
    Among our designer room diffusers, you will find various fragrances such as green tea scent, lotus and ginger scent, rice milk aroma, the delicate fragrance of sea breeze, amber essence, saffron and sandalwood scent, the scent of stone pine, also known as Swiss stone pine, which opens the respiratory tract, fruity room fragrances and orange aroma, especially indicated for perfuming the kitchen. In order to keep the room diffusers at their best, we suggest you to keep them away from radiators and sunlight.
  • Online gift vouchers...

    A DOLFI gift certificate is a simple idea, but with great effect! Choose the amount you want to spend from the 14 vouchers that Dolfi provides. The amounts are 10,00 €, 20,00 €, 30,00 €, 40,00 €, 50,00 €, 75,00 €, 100,00 €, 125,00 €, 150,00 €, 175,00 €, 200,00 €, 300,00 €, 400,00 €, 500,00 €. The voucher gift certificate is a last minute gift or if you are undecided and do not know what to give, buy an appropriate gift card and let the recipient choose the gift himself. It's a perfect gift that you can't go wrong with, because it's the person's choice and you know that a DOLFI product received is a craft of absolute quality and ecological. You do not know what to give as a gift? Do not worry, we can help you!

  • Personalized gifts in...

    The Favor DOLFI is special, natural wood, rounded shapes to hold in your hand or to customize, so as to convey warmth and love to the person who gives it and to those who receive it.
    To give you an idea of our wedding favors you can find many items such as: animals, elephants, cats dogs, ladybugs, angels, prayers for the baptism, prayers for the birth of baby boy or girl, tree of life, clocks, pictures, wooden hearts personalized, engraved wooden hearts, wooden hearts with name, wooden hearts with writing, wooden hearts with engraving, and many useful items for different occasions.
    For any of your wishes, ideas, needs or gifts, DOLFI can help you.

  • Swarovski laser cut...
    The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree, as well as assembling the nativity scene, is one of the most appreciated and loved around the world.
    The Dolfi company has its roots in the tradition of woodcarving and in a land rich in beauty and great wood culture: the Val Gardena.
    Out of love for nature and its natural elements and materials, our company has created the laser cut wooden decorations with Swarovski crystals, features that give a unique identity to each creation of wooden Christmas ornaments.

  • Objects in pine wood

    The novelty this year is the category of gift ideas made of mountain pine, known by many as Swiss stone pine.
    Swiss stone pine or also called Alpine pinewood is a highland wood, resistant to cold and water. The spruce tree grows above 1500 meters in the Dolomites Alps and its main characteristic is the intense scent of mountain, forest and nature with its well-known beneficial properties.
    In DOLFILAND in Val Gardena there is the Pine cottage, a small wooden house, dedicated to the collection of noble Zirbel wood articles.

    Dolfi offers a wide range of products such as Swiss stone pine soap, Austrian stone pine oil and Italian stone pine room spray.
    In this collection you can also find the pillows filled with pine and wood shavings and face masks with filled pine chips. With this special local pine wood, we also produce numerous handmade wood carvings, such as the original pine bowls, pine dishes, the pine cats, the natural pine nativity scenes, the pine spinning tops, the decorative pine cones, which can be used as pine stoppers for jugs and pitchers. Discover the Dolfi pine wood products not only online, but also in our gift stores in Padua, Bergamo, Milan, Brennero, Selva di Cadore and Ortisei, as well as in all the stores in Europe and Worldwide, specialized in handicrafts, wood carvings, woodwork and gift ideas made of wood.

  • Kitchen utensils made...
    Olive wood kitchen items:
    DOLFI presents a mini-collection of kitchen articles made of precious Italian genuine olive wood. As you will know, the olive wood is in fact not a wood that grows in South Tyrol; DOLFI procures the noble olive wood from Southern Italy and processes it in its own wood-carving factory in Ortisei in the DOLFILAND workshop.
    The peculiarity of olive wood products is that they are unique, because every single item has grains, characteristics and colors that are always different. Being a very hard wood, it is very suitable for the production of kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories, but not only. For some years now, DOLFI has also been making beautiful sculptures and wooden figures in olive wood, such as Madonnas, Holy Families and Block Nativities scenes, Holy figures of male and Holy wood carvings of female, which can be seen in the category of Sacred Art Statues, on our online store.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 986 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 986 items
It is not always easy to find the right wooden gift for a loved one, a gift that gives pleasure and can accompany you in your everyday life. You can rely on our high quality and exclusive products, handmade in our art workshops in South Tyrol Italy in the beautiful Dolomite mountains of Val Gardena, world famous for the art of woodcarving.
For all occasions Dolfi offers wood carved original, ecological and special gift ideas and precious genuine handmade woodcarvings and wooden gift ideas.

The most important time of the year is Christmas and for this occasion Dolfi designs numerous Christmas collections, wooden nativity scenes and sculptures and wooden figurines to furnish and decorate your home, making it warm and welcoming.
But Dolfi is not only Christmas, in our online shop you will find the right gift for every occasion, such as birthdays, Easter and Valentine's Day. Dolfi helps you to find a romantic, funny and original wood carved gift idea for the day of lovers.
Many wooden gift ideas for her and him that will always remain in your heart, because a wooden object and gift idea made of wood is infinite and with time it gains in value.

Ideal wooden gifts for an anniversary, a wedding, a christening, a confirmation, a graduation; if you like to be amazed on these occasions and leave a pleasant and unpublished memory to the guests and friends of your ceremony, the Dolfi wood carving world is the right place for you. Also, for the celebrations we dedicate each year to our parents, mum, dad, grandparents and friends; for Mother's Day, show your girlfriend or boyfriend how important and special she/he is to you, our Dolfi gift ideas for all occasions will give also your mother and grandmother many emotions, even superheroes should be pampered, especially on Father's Day we also give all fathers special emotions with original Dolfi lasting gifts made in Italy.

If you are looking for original wood carved gift ideas for corporate gifts and to surprise and thank your customers and employees, shop online now and you will find useful and above all customizable gift ideas that you can give away at any time of year with the best prices and quality on the market.
The Dolfi Italian wood sculptures will surprise you! Discover our individual wooden gifts such as elegant pens, beautiful wooden jewelry, funny wood carved toys, original and elegant wooden bracelets, wood carved clocks, wooden watches and wooden sun glasses and much more directly from our Online workshops in Val Gardena. Buy now and we deliver to the United States and the rest of the World within a few days and work with the couriers FedEx, UPS and DHL as well as a number of different freight forwarders.
Greetings, Have a great time shopping and greetings from the entire Dolfi Team