Handmade wooden Flowers

The collection of handmade wooden flowers is made of wood chips in different colors.
Delicate, colorful and elegant handmade wooden flowers are beautiful decorations to beautify the empty or gloomy corners of your home.
Dolfi flowers made of wood add beauty and freshness. These wooden blooms are extremely easy to care for and only need to be dusted occasionally.

A real decorative wooden flower is usually placed in a pot made of glass or even a wooden container.
In the assortment of artificial flowers you can find various compositions such as sunflowers, lilies, roses, daisies.
Any occasion is suitable to give a beautiful bouquet of woof hand crafted flowers, whether it is spring, winter, summer or autumn, wooden flower has no season and is durable.
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
The beautiful wooden flowers from Dolfi are carved from wood chips, colored in different shades and they will bring a touch of color to any living environment. They are easy to handle, stay beautiful and only need to be dusted from time to time. Not everyone has a green thumb, but most of the time we don't have the time to take care of them. By using wood flowers, you can enjoy the art, charm and beauty without the care and attention that natural flowers require. Do you have allergies? Wood flowers eliminate that risk as well.
Arrangements of flowers made of wood are ideal for decorating your home. If your decor is modern and straightforward, we recommend a white and green centerpiece that will refresh the environment and make it look elegant, sober and refined.
If you are celebrating a country party, you can use the table decoration in pink, red, blue and yellow colors.

The floral composition is very personal, it is an art that reflects the creativity of each individual and the floral taste of each. So, we recommend that you choose the sunflower, lilies, roses that have long stems and are very light and not rigid, but you can fold them into any shape and height to complete your DIY bouquet. With a little imagination you can create the shape, line and color that best suits your decor.
The great quality, the service we offer our customers have always been the fundamental aspects of our company. In our online offer you will find the so-called wood floristry, a product that will last over time.
So, what are you waiting for? Bring the nature from Val Gardena into your home.