Animals for nativity scene in wood

The animals in the nativity scene of the world are pieces of the crib, or crib accessories that can not be missing, as they represent the everyday life and love for nature that through the representation of the crib we transmit to our children.
There are many stories about animals of the cribs that make the story even more interesting and fascinate both young and old.
The animals for nativity scenes are on sale both on our website and in all stores DOLFI STORE.
DOLFI also makes custom nativity scenes, statues to order, custom nativity statues San Gregorio Armeno, resin figurines, custom figurines, shepherds for nativity scenes customized.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items
DOLFI STORE also produces custom nativity sets, custom statues, custom nativity set San Gregorio Armeno, custom resin figurines, custom figurines, shepherds for nativity sets. Dolfi has created for the handcrafted wooden nativity scenes, in addition to the statuettes of the classic typical characters, such as St. Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the Magi, the shepherds, the blacksmith, the camel driver of the traditional nativity scene, a large collection of sculptures of farmyard animals for nativity scenes carved in maple wood.
Dolfi's artists have been inspired by their alpine environment and have created a series of mountain animals living in the enchanting surrounding woods such as the eagle, the owl, the deer, the squirrel, the bunny, the sly fox, a nocturnal animal, the little birds, but also domestic animals such as the rooster the hen, the hen with chicks, the sleeping cat, the sitting kitten, the attentive sheepdog, the turkey, the dove of peace, the white horse and the brown horse, the cow, the classic ox and donkey, the camel, the grazing sheep, the sleeping sheep, the sitting sheep.
Christmas animals carved in wood you can also add them to your DIY nativity scene or your Neapolitan nativity scene.

The DOLFI offers both statues of crib animals large, crib animals from 30 cm and more, such as the beautiful and exciting living nativity scene of the country of S. Cristina in Val Gardena, and crib animals in miniature, very small.
All these animals are available in various sizes and come in 3 different executions from the natural untreated, which can be colored with a brush with oil paints, to the multicolored and colored in three shades of brown.
Each animal is hand colored with so much passion and dedication giving a unique expression to every single sculpture.
Enrich your nativity scene with nice animals from Bethlehem DOLFI nativity scene that will make the nativity scene alive and colorful.