Wooden stable for nativity scenes

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items
The wooden crafted set stable kit for nativity scenes, crib huts, crib houses, crib caves or simply called the DOLFI hand carved nativity crib stables are a fine handcrafted product of the highest quality and an indispensable accessory to complete your crib with our finely carved high quality wooden figures.
These unique pieces are made entirely by hand and require a long and careful work, taking into account the smallest details from the window to the ladder to the balcony, the veranda and the crib.

We only use natural local materials and woods such as linden, oak, pine, fir, ash, moss, straw, dolomite stones and branches that have been collected from the bottom of our forests.
The dimensions of the stables refer to the dimensions of our figures in the crib.
They are very original huts, simple and yet unique in their style, which varies from classic to traditional to modern and oriental.
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