Child Jesus statues in wood carving

The Baby Jesus Statue wood crafted sculpture of the Child Jesus and the DOLF Baby Jesus children from Val Gardena, are carved from the wood’s such as linden, maple, ash, olive and are true masterpieces of local Val Gardena craftsmanship.
The heavenly eyes, the pink cheeks, the spiritual smile open the hearts of the hardiest persons, these are the wonders that the DOLFI craftsmen are able to create.
Our Baby Jesus statues are needed worldwide, carved in wood or also made of fiberglass or polyresin and hand-painted with natural oil colors.
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

The selection of DOLFI Baby-Jesus sculptures is various, the designs are different and you can choose the several colors of the cloth, which can be blue, white with golden knots or all gold leaf with gold and golden rays or natural brown cloth.
DOLFI Jesus baby statues can be ordered on commission and customized and ordered to any request or need.
DOLFI, is a leader in the field of woodcarving and also offers less expensive Baby Jesús, such as those made of hollow resin or fiber-glass, which can be used outdoors without being damaged by the weather.
The centuries-old tradition of the company DOLFI satisfies all collectors, even the most demanding.

No less important is also the cradle or wooden carved ingots, made of different types of wood and decorated with different shades of brown. Special are the rectangular shapes of cradles such as, round or square and triangular or we can make your personal choice of wooden cradle on commission.
The assortment of Baby Jesuses also includes wooden Neapolitan Baby Christs, whose hair is delicately formed into a multitude of curls that frame their delicate faces.
In addition to our wide selection of religious items and sacred art that you can order online, we also have Baby-Jesus wood carved figurines with glass or crystal eyes, as well as antique and baroque decorations that are true works of art.
We invite you to visit our website, where you will be spoiled for choice among many original and special religious gift ideas.