Small wooden nativity set Raffaello

The Small wooden nativity set and Italian handmade Nativity scene Raffaello is among the most typical nativities of the woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena in the heart of the Dolomites.
Available in a smaller version with 14 figures and in a larger version with 26 figures, you can choose between three different color combinations:
One in natural untreated wood, one in a 3G-tone varnished version or a painted one as in the picture.
Sizes vary from 3 inch to 6 inches and it is possible to order woodcarvings one at a time, should you wish to personally compose your nativity scene.
Small wooden nativity set Raffaello There are 145 products.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 145 items
The design with high attention to details such as the traditional timber roof and the Alpine chalet style highlight the artistic value of this unique artisan product.
Both children and adults will be astonished by the magic of this nativity, for being not only highly decorative but also a key symbol of our Christian occident.
Celebrating Christmas around a wooden nativity with our loved ones has never been so beautiful…