Nativity Scene Oriental wood style Matteo

The Matteo crib is a Nativity scene oriental Arabic style Matteo crib and is very popular at our customers.
The faces of the sculptures are soft and sweet. The various characters are treated in detail and each one is carved in maple wood and hand painted with oil colors.
Think that one color is applied per day so you can well imagine how long the processing times are.
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Showing 25 - 36 of 179 items
The nativity Matteo is designed and produced by DOLFI in Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites. Our artisans have made this nativity with much care and love.

The nativity Matteo is available in three color versions: untreated wood, 3-tone varnished and painted.
This allows you to pick the perfect nativity for your home.
If you want to order the figures singularly, you can choose selected figures and by doing so personalize your nativity in wood.
Discover our unique nativities in wood and make your home a warmer place filled with love.