Wood Nativity scenes full sets

Wood carved nativity scenes full sets and hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and figurines
For many families a Christmas without a Nativity scene is utterly unthinkable.
Dolfi and Val Gardena boast a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing these Christmas decorations, which are, to this day, handcrafted at home.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items
Dolfi assortment of products has a wide range of lovely wood crafted handmade nativity scenes with figurines and animals carved out of European wood and treated with 100% non-toxic Lukas varnishes.
You can purchase our nativity scenes in various sizes, three different coloring styles and many different models to suit the style of your home.
We also manufacture individual tailor-made nativity scenes and figurines based on a drawing the client provides. Some wood carving figurine are life-size.