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Dolfi wooden carved nativity if a true collectible all over the world. The Dolfi wooden nativity sets are in various shapes styles and executions. The wooden nativity scene that are on sale on line on this pages are absolutely the highest and finest wood carving nativity on the market. Contrary to the Fontanini nativity set made in PVC, all Dolfi nativities are wood carved and hand made in Italy, painted in the small town of Ortisei, Valgardena, Dolomites in north Italy. In our new headquarters called the Dolfi Land you can find all kinds of wood carving such as: Wooden Christmas decoration and wooden Christmas decorations, wooden Christmas ornament and wooden Christmas ornaments, wooden Christmas tree ornament and wooden Christmas tree Ornaments, wooden nativity and wooden nativity scene. The new Dolfi nativity and wooden nativity sets, such as Christmas Figures are sold il many Toy stores and Christmas store all over Italy, Germany, Europe and USA. Visit the new on line shop and buy now!!!
The Dolfi Collections are made in Italy and contains tree ornaments, wooden toy and wooden toys, christmas figurines, fontanini, nativity scenes, personalized christmas ornament and wooden personalized christmas ornaments, christmas nativity.
On customer request, the Dolfi Studios can design wooden crafts in olive wood. All christmas nativity set are wood carvings that increase in value year per year. Dolfi started to produce Nativities,nativity figures and nativity figurines since 1945. Besides Dolfi the most exclusive collectible stores carry the precious moments nativity, fontanini nativity set, hummel nativity, lladro nativity, waterford nativity, willow tree nativity, anri nativity, fisher price nativity set.The Dolfi Studios are specialized in religious christmas gifts, wooden craft, wooden gifts, wooden ornaments, nativity figurine, nativity ornament, outdoor nativity, christmas nativity scenes, nativity ornaments, outdoor nativity sets, the nativity, wooden figure, wooden figures, wooden, ornament, christmas nativity sets, lighted nativity, nativity figure, nativity stable, outdoor nativity set, porcelain nativity set, wood nativity, wooden santa, wooden tree, nativity crèche, olive wood nativity. The Dolfi wooden Christmas Statues are frequently called: wooden figurine and wooden figurines, wooden set, wooden statues, bethlehem nativity, carved nativity, children's nativity, childrens wooden, large nativity set. The Dolfi nativity is composed from the wood carved camel, wooden nativity stables, wooden christmas tree, wooden crib, wooden decorations, wooden pieces, wooden stable, wooden stables, large nativity, miniature nativity, nativity animals, nativity crafts, wooden camel, wooden german, wooden made, wooden sets, child nativity set, nativity mary, wooden miniature, wooden pattern, wooden piece, child nativity
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  • Nativity Matteo
    The nativity Matteo is designed and produced by Dolfi in Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites. Our artisans have made this nativity with much care and love. The nativity Matteo is available in three color versions: untreated wood, 3-tone varnished and painted. This allows you to pick the perfect nativity for your home. If you want to order the figures singularly, you can choose selected figures and by doing so personalize your nativity in wood. Discover our unique nativities in wood and make your home a warmer place filled with love.
  • Nativity Leonardo
    This nativity was designed and produced entirely in Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites. It is the outcome of a long-term experience by artisans from Val Gardena, where this tradition dates back many generations. The nativity Leonardo is available in untreated natural wood or painted as in the picture and distinguishes itself through the numerous figures, which create a unique narrative. Since our figures can also be purchased one at a time, it is possible to personalize a Christmas scene as you please. Also, different sizes allow you to find the perfect wooden nativity for your home, which will bring joy and tranquility in your home and family.
  • Nativity scene
  • Nativity Stella
  • Nativity Raffaello
    The Nativity scene Raffaello is among the most typical nativities of the woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena in the heart of the Dolomites. Available in a smaller version with 14 figures and in a larger version with 26 figures, you can choose between three different color combinations: one in natural untreated wood, one in a 3-tone varnished version or a painted one as in the picture. Sizes vary from 6 cm to 15 cm and it is possible to order woodcarvings one at a time, should you wish to personally compose your nativity scene. The design with high attention to details such as the traditional timber roof and the Alpine chalet style highlight the artistic value of this unique artisan product. Both children and adults will be astonished by the magic of this nativity, for being not only highly decorative but also a key symbol of our Christian occident. Celebrating Christmas around a wooden nativity with our loved ones has never been so beautiful…
  • Jesus "Infant" Collection
    Our wood carvings are hand made until 40cm/16inch. and carved in fine selected dried maple wood, the wooden figures over 40cm/16inch. are also hand made but carved in the softer selected dried linden wood. All our wooden scuptures are hand painted with oil coloures by brush, in the Dolfi Studios from our professional artists . Oil coloures are used to give to the wood carved figure a natural and unique look.
    On this hand made woodcarving, there are over 70 processes, that only skilled hands that learned the job over many years, can create. This procedure allows us to produce unique wood carved collectibles for all our funs ins over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Stable
  • Holy Family
  • Nativity Aurora
    The wooden nativity Aurora is outstanding in its genre. The 20 figures of the nativity are all made of two pieces which are connected through a magnet. Thanks to the magnet, it is possible to divide the figures’ head from their body and consequently the nativity acquires a playful and ludic element. For this reason, Aurora is especially popular among children, who enjoy to put together the different pieces. Children learn about Christmas and about the different characters present in the nativity, from St. Joseph and Mary to the Three Kings. Imagine the excitement in the eyes of your children when they arrange their own Christmas scene.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 244 items