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Classic symbols of Christmas, our wooden nativity figures bring the magic of the Holy Night. Dolfi sculptures are wood carved and finished by hand from the wood species of our Dolomites. Dolfi wooden nativity scenes preserve the charm of traditional work combined with the modernity of today's tastes. These noble wood nativity sets, expressive and detailed, are carefully packed in their Dolfi cases so that you can celebrate the most beautiful feast of the year with a lively atmosphere. Let's give space to the feeling of experiencing this moment of great intimacy and joy as a family with the holy crib, the shepherds and the animals of the creche. A bright comet star will complete the ensemble, a great ray of light that will animate the signs of universal love for Christ. Let us open our hearts to the arrival of the Child Jesus, the highest ideal of humanity!
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  • Modern wood carved...
    This modern day wood carved nativity scene Leonardo was designed produced and handmade entirely in Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites northern Italy.
    It is the outcome of a long-term experience by master sculptors and artisans from Ortisei, where the wood carving tradition dates back many generations.

    This wooden nativity set is available in three different executions: in natural maple wood nativity with a light color, the nativity in colored wood hand painted and crafted with oil colors or using only the brown color in different shades, enhancing the various shades from dark to light.
    Since our wood nativity scene figures can also be purchased one at a time, it is possible to personalize a Christmas woodcarving nativity scene as you please.
    Also, different sizes of wooden nativity statues allow you to find the perfect wood indoor nativity set for your home, or also the unique wood large hand carved nativity sets for outdoor, which will bring joy and tranquility in your home and family.
  • Nativity scene Aurora...
    The wooden Nativity scene, handcrafted for kids and children called Aurora, is outstanding in its genre.
    The 20 wood carved figures of the nativity are all made of two pieces which are connected through a magnet.
    Thanks to the magnet, it is possible to divide the figures head from their body and consequently the nativity acquires a playful and ludic element.

    For this reason, the wood carving handmade nativity set Aurora, is especially popular among children, who enjoy to put together the different wood carvings.
    Children learn about Christmas and about the different characters present in the wood nativity, from St. Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus, to the Three Kings and the different shepherds.
    Imagine the excitement in the eyes of your children, when they arrange their own Christmas scene.
  • Modern wood nativity...
    The brand new typical South Tyrolean style modern wood craft nativity scene STELLA crib, which is carved by our experienced DOLFI wood sculptors, has the comet star "STELLA" as a symbol on the crib stable, after which it is named. The execution of these nativity figures can be carved in wood and hand-painted or purchased unpainted in natural maple wood.

    The three kings who compose this crib are wonderfully reflected in the holy 3 wise man Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the learned men of the east who, under the guidance of the mysterious light, set out to reach Bethlehem and that to revere the baby Jesus, the Son of God, that created the stars of the universe and the humanity.
  • Wood Nativity scenes...
    Wood carved nativity scenes full sets and hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and figurines
    For many families a Christmas without a Nativity scene is utterly unthinkable.
    Dolfi and Val Gardena boast a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing these Christmas decorations, which are, to this day, handcrafted at home.
  • Nativity Scene...
    The Matteo crib is a Nativity scene oriental Arabic style Matteo crib and is very popular at our customers.
    The faces of the sculptures are soft and sweet. The various characters are treated in detail and each one is carved in maple wood and hand painted with oil colors.
    Think that one color is applied per day so you can well imagine how long the processing times are.
  • Small wooden nativity...
    The Small wooden nativity set and Italian handmade Nativity scene Raffaello is among the most typical nativities of the woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena in the heart of the Dolomites.
    Available in a smaller version with 14 figures and in a larger version with 26 figures, you can choose between three different color combinations:
    One in natural untreated wood, one in a 3G-tone varnished version or a painted one as in the picture.
    Sizes vary from 3 inch to 6 inches and it is possible to order woodcarvings one at a time, should you wish to personally compose your nativity scene.
  • Wooden block nativity...
    The Dolfi Nativity wooden block nativity scene craft set collection are the most exclusive wood carved figures made in Italy.
    The hand carving and hand painting of this carvings is made in the new headquarters of the Dolfi Land Studios in Ortisei, Gardena Valley, Dolomites, South Tirol, Italy.

    The birth of Jesus was narratives of Matthew and Luke and have some elements in common; both relate that Jesus of Nazareth was the child of Mary, who at the time of his conception was betrothed as the wife of Joseph, said to be a descendent of the Biblical King David. His conception, preceded by an angelic annunciation, is presented as miraculous, in that he is conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than by Joseph.
    The Gospel of Matthew presents the birth as the fulfilment of prophecies made by the Prophets of Israel. Visit the wood nativity block scenes handmade carving world of Dolfi now online!!!
  • Bark wood Nativity scenes
    For over 100 years our company Dolfi has been producing bark wood craft Nativity scenes, wooden nativity sets and cribs scenes of various types, sizes and executions. For the realization of these Christmas crib sets we use different types of bark such as pine, birch, oak. Before processing there is a delicate drying process that is done in our laboratories at DOLFILAND Art-Studios, to reduce the amount of humidity inside the wood. After drying, the skilled hands of our Italian wood carvers manually carve from the trunk Saint Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, the ox, the donkey and the comet star.
  • Child Jesus statues in...
    The Baby Jesus Statue wood crafted sculpture of the Child Jesus and the DOLF Baby Jesus children from Val Gardena, are carved from the wood’s such as linden, maple, ash, olive and are true masterpieces of local Val Gardena craftsmanship.
    The heavenly eyes, the pink cheeks, the spiritual smile open the hearts of the hardiest persons, these are the wonders that the DOLFI craftsmen are able to create.
    Our Baby Jesus statues are needed worldwide, carved in wood or also made of fiberglass or polyresin and hand-painted with natural oil colors.
  • Wooden stable for...
    The wooden crafted set stable kit for nativity scenes, crib huts, crib houses, crib caves or simply called the DOLFI hand carved nativity crib stables are a fine handcrafted product of the highest quality and an indispensable accessory to complete your crib with our finely carved high quality wooden figures.
    These unique pieces are made entirely by hand and require a long and careful work, taking into account the smallest details from the window to the ladder to the balcony, the veranda and the crib.

    We only use natural local materials and woods such as linden, oak, pine, fir, ash, moss, straw, dolomite stones and branches that have been collected from the bottom of our forests.
    The dimensions of the stables refer to the dimensions of our figures in the crib.
    They are very original huts, simple and yet unique in their style, which varies from classic to traditional to modern and oriental.
    Click below to see the entire nativity collection and find the house of your choice that best suits your DOLFI nativity figures.
  • Animals for nativity...
    The animals in the nativity scene of the world are pieces of the crib, or crib accessories that can not be missing, as they represent the everyday life and love for nature that through the representation of the crib we transmit to our children.
    There are many stories about animals of the cribs that make the story even more interesting and fascinate both young and old.
    The animals for nativity scenes are on sale both on our website and in all stores DOLFI STORE.
    DOLFI also makes custom nativity scenes, statues to order, custom nativity statues San Gregorio Armeno, resin figurines, custom figurines, shepherds for nativity scenes customized.
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Showing 13 - 24 of 713 items
Showing 13 - 24 of 713 items
Hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and figurines
For many families a Christmas without a Nativity scene is utterly unthinkable. Dolfi and Val Gardena boast a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing these Christmas decorations, which are, to this day, handcrafted at home.
Dolfi assortment of products has a wide range of lovely nativity scenes with figurines and animals carved out of European wood and treated with 100% non-toxic Lukas varnishes.

You can purchase our nativity scenes in various sizes, three different coloring styles and many different models to suit the style of your home. We also manufacture individual tailor-made nativity scenes and figurines based on a drawing the client provides. Some figurines are life-sized.
Have a look at our assortment, select the products you wish to purchase and take advantage of the manufacturer’s low prices, of the excellent customer service, of the secure payment procedures via credit card or PayPal and of the total transparency in shipping. Dolfi wooden carved nativity if a true collectible all over the world.

The Dolfi wooden nativity sets are in various shapes styles and executions. The wooden nativity scene that are on sale on line on these pages are absolutely the highest and finest wood carving nativity on the market. Contrary to the Fontanini nativity set made in PVC, all Dolfi nativities are wood carved and hand made in Italy, painted in the small town of Ortisei, Val Gardena, Dolomites in north Italy. In our new headquarters called the Dolfi Land you can find all kinds of wood carving such as: Wooden Christmas decoration and wooden Christmas decorations, wooden Christmas ornament and wooden Christmas ornaments, wooden Christmas tree ornament and wooden Christmas tree Ornaments, wooden nativity and wooden nativity scene. The new Dolfi nativity and wooden nativity sets, such as Christmas Figures are sold il many Toy stores and Christmas store all over Italy, Germany, Europe and USA. Visit the new on-line shop and buy now!!!
The Dolfi Collections are made in Italy and contains tree ornaments, wooden toy and wooden toys, Christmas figurines, Fontanini, nativity scenes, personalized Christmas ornament and wooden personalized Christmas ornaments, Christmas nativity.
On customer request, the Dolfi Studios can design wooden crafts in olive wood.

All Christmas nativity set are wood carvings that increase in value year per year. Dolfi started to produce Nativities, nativity figures and nativity figurines since 1945. Besides Dolfi the most exclusive collectible stores carry the precious moments nativity, Fontanini nativity set, Hummel nativity, Lladro nativity, Waterford nativity, willow tree nativity, Anri nativity, fisher price nativity set.
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