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Handicrafts and designer products made of wood

Online shop with a wide selection of wood carvings, sculptures, nativity scenes, saint figures, furniture, home accessories & decoration, gift ideas, as well as fashion jewellery, wooden eyewear and watches.

For more than 125 years the DOLFI-STUDIOS of ART and the affiliate workshops has been manufacturer of wood carvings, sculptures, church statues, nativity scene figures, gift articles, wooden decorations, designer furniture, home accessories, high-quality wooden furniture, fashion jewelry and wooden clocks.

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The DOLFI woodcarving company, located in Ortisei in Val Gardena, Trentino-Alto Adige in Italy, is, thanks to the skilful hands of his artists and sculptors, the world leader in the production of high quality handicrafts, wooden gifts, including holy figures and statues of ecclesiastical art that you can buy in this shop.
We invite you to explore our shop and to find out the wide selection of linear, modern, classic and baroque crucifixes for every taste and interior design. Our sculptures are made of linden wood, maple wood, ash wood, Swiss stone pine and olive wood. We also produce personalized sculptures, custom-made carvings especially for you. Every personal request, both in terms of model and size, is drawn, modelled and made of wood by our artists.

Discover also the wide range of Madonnas, carved and hand-painted in classical, but also in baroque, modern, linear and stylized form. Their beautiful handmade forms and faces have convinced many loyal customers worldwide for years.
A large selection of flying angels with their angel expressions can be purchased in different natural woods, or gilded with gold leaf and artistically hand painted with oil colors. We also offer putti angels carved in maple and hand painted with gold leaf, you can order them personalized with name, date of birth or a special saying. These personalizations with name and date of birth are perfect gifts for baptisms, first communions, confirmations, as well as for weddings, youth consecrations, birthdays, name days, Mother's Day and Father's Day, Valentine's Day and for other events or occasions.

In our online shop you can buy a wide range of nativity scene figurines in different styles of woodcarvings: modern like our Leonardo crib, classic like our Raffaello crib, baroque-oriental like the Matteo crib, stylized-modern like the Stella crib, while for the children we have created the Aurora crib with flexible magnetic figures.
Among the most sold cribs, the one-piece block crib stands out, representing the Holy Family in its closely related spirituality. This popular nativity scene is hand-carved or machine-carved from a single block of wood and is available in various sizes, designs and price categories. These compact Holy Families are made of various natural precious woods or are hand-painted with oil paints in many delicate shades and hand decorated over several hours. Their round or oval, as well as angular and pointed shapes are very popular among our clientele.
The various crib stables and crib huts are created in a rustic, classical, oriental, linear and stylized design. All Dolfi collections are produced, carved and finished in our art workshops in DOLFILAND in the heart of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, by our experienced craftsmen, artists and wood sculptors.

We also offer a wide selection of figures of the most important saints of world Christianity. The wooden figurines carved by DOLFI, such as sculptures, reliefs, ¾ reliefs, figures of saints and ecclesiastical works of art are mainly displayed in churches, shrines and religious institutions. The collection of sacred church statues is extended with figures in the small sizes 6, 8 and 10 inch made of wood-mass and statues in the large sizes such as 24, 36, 48 inch and 6 foot made of fiberglass, which are elaborated in detail and artistically painted by hand.
This are some of the most important Saints of our Church Goods Collection: Pope Francis Bergoglio, Our Lady of the Shepherds with sheep and Child, Our Lady of Immaculate Wisdom, St. Michael with sword, the Child Jesus of Prague with crown, Holy Father Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, the Lord God as body with cross, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Fatima with crown, the Madonna of Lourdes with rosary, St. Paul with sword, St. Peter with keys, the Holy Family as a block crib, St. George with horse and lance, St. Guardian Angel with the children boy and girl, the sitting Madonna of Montserrat with crown and the Virgin of Mercy sitting.

In the last few years, we have greatly expanded our high quality DOLFI collections adding profane art to the sacred art: This is how the collection of specially designed furniture and its accessories was born. These home accessories consist of prestigious, rustic furniture made of forest roots, which, due to their originality and uniqueness, have received the approval of many enthusiasts and collectors. This original designer furniture adds certain individuality to modern interiors. The furnishings include square, rectangular, oval and round tables, chairs, benches, armchairs, consoles, shelves, mirrors, coat stands, stools, flower holders and lamps, as well as elements for a personalized bar corner for your home.
The accessories from the Andrea collection, made of dark walnut wood, to complete your furnishings in style with heart and flower inlays. With this precious and natural wood, our artists create round and square placemats to embellish the table, handmade and engraved bowls, fruit bowls with carved hearts, artisan bread holders, trays in different sizes and shapes, stylish pot coasters, cutting boards for the kitchen, wall clothes hangers, candlesticks for different candle shapes, photo frames of all sizes and tastes, jewelry holders for a simple but original gift.
For decades we have been producing high-quality, original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks; these are also part of our interior design collection, we manufacture them with both mechanical and automatic movements. The shape and the sound of our cuckoo clocks give your home a lot of warmth and a cosy, alpine atmosphere.

The DOLFI fine wooden watches made of precious woods are the highlight of our creations. The rich assortment offers a wide choice of watches for men and women, sporty and elegant, with wooden bracelet, fabric strap, leather strap or green eco-leather bracelets. We use different types of wood such as olive wood, walnut wood, maple wood, ash wood, nut wood and oak wood. The main characteristic of our wooden watches is that they change color over time and due to humidity, they become slightly shiny and even more precious.
In addition, DOLFI also offers the splendid collection of sunglasses made of wood and polarized lenses, which are very light and pleasant to wear. Just as beautiful is our fashion jewelry collection made of natural wood. For those who love wood and its natural perfume, DOLFI has created a range of wooden jewelry with the artistic hands of its designers, including rings with Swarovski crystals, bracelets combined with mother-of-pearl, necklaces that feel as light as a feather. These collections are available for both women and men and give your outfit a unique and personal touch.

The philosophy of DOLFI is to give great importance to each manufacturing process and to pay attention to every single detail with love and passion. This is the main characteristic that distinguishes all our products, which are of high quality and value. All products are made in our art workshops and bear the "Made in Italy" seal of quality.

Visit our online shop to discover the world of DOLFI!